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Silexica offers consulting services working closely with customers and partners to solve specific parallel software issues, develop new tools interfaces, optimize performance or power consumption for a given application, or jointly explore principle parallelization opportunities for legacy code libraries prior to the start of your multicore project.

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Custom Code Generation

Silexica offers customized versions of its SLX Generator for tailor-made, application-specific multicore platforms. This service is available to customers, focused on internal multicore IP and in-house firmware development. Enhanced, optimized code generation back-ends support specific hardware features, such as accelerator blocks, memory and interconnect architectures and custom middleware APIs.

Semiconductor Wafer

OEM Service

Silexica provides tailored programming environments for multicore semiconductor vendors and fabless IP providers under an OEM license model. OEMs resell these platform-specific tools to their customers. This service is offered to partners focused on multicore hardware development. Silexica provides support to OEMs and their customers.



Silexica is committed to providing customers with exceptional support. Our team consists of developers, engineers, and SW/HW architects with a diverse set of skills who not only develop our core products but also provide support. These experts deliver individual and workshop trainings. Support is also available through our dedicated online portal which includes individual help as well as a searchable knowledge base at: