SLX Generator uses unique source-to-source compiler technology to distribute parallel C code to the individual processors of a target multicore. It receives the optimized software distribution computed by SLX Mapper and automatically selects the best APIs for task management, synchronization, and communication from the runtime environments and operating systems of the different cores.

The generated C code is tailored for each individual processor, according to the mapping decisions. The output of the SLX Generator can be directly compiled with the individual native C compiler toolchains of the cores in a heterogeneous multicore. The base version of the SLX Generator includes standard parallel programming interfaces such as, Pthreads, SystemC, and MPI. These standard interfaces can be used for fast functional software verification on the development host machine (x86). Further versions of SLX Generator are available for selected off-the-shelf multicore platforms, including ARM-based platforms such as Samsung Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon, TI Keystone and Parallela. New SLX Generator backends can be easily developed with the customer upon request.