SLX Explorer is a flexible, retargetable version of SLX Mapper with an user-editable, abstract multicore model for use by hardware and software system architects. Its flexibility serves two main use cases. On one hand, it enables architects to search for the ideal off-the-shelf multicore platform for a given application. On the other hand, it supports “what if” analysis with respect to software and hardware changes to drive exploration, design, and evolution for next generation multicore systems.

Examples of what-if queries include (i) predicting the effects of changes in the application workload, e.g. due to upcoming radio or multimedia standards and (ii) analyzing application speedup of adding processors, memories, and hardware accelerators into the current multicore architecture. SLX Explorer employs Silexica’s abstract platform model and proprietary parallel performance estimation technology, enabling 2-3 order faster turn-around times compared to state-of-the-art instruction-set simulators.