Case Study - Huawei

Huawei Wireless designs and develops complex multicore SoCs to meet the power and performance requirements for the next generation of wireless standards (4.5G/5G). Since 2014, the baseband SoC design team at Huawei has partnered with Silexica on system level power estimation and optimization for multicore SoCs in order to investigate the power efficiency gain from advanced power management. Working with Silexica tools has achieved significant improvement in both, performance and power efficiency over traditional approaches.

Whitepaper - LTE Base Station

This paper presents a typical base station design scenario, where decisions about HW/SW partitioning, number of processing elements, system operational parameters, among others, need to be made early by system architects. The SLX Tool Suite determines the impact of these different design decisions and parameter selections, while exploring different target architecture configurations and checks if application constraints can be met. In the following an LTE DownLink Application is used as application driver.