SLX Tool Suite 2016.1 available immediately to customers

Silexica's latest release includes exciting, new functionality for faster time-to market.


Aachen, Germany / Palo Alto, CA: Silexica, the leading provider of multicore programming solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the 2016.1 release of its SLX Tool Suite. The integration of new key technology as well as huge improvements in usability and scalability raises programming productivity, product quality and time-to-market further. Major new features of the SLX Tool Suite include:

    • Windows support for the complete SLX Tool Suite

    • Additional target platform support: ARM and Epiphany architectures

    • Automatic OpenMP annotations for sequential C Code

    • Architecture-aware performance estimation for heterogeneous platforms

    • Optimization constraints for steering automatic software distribution (runtime, throughput, latency, platform utilization)


"The level of complexity in modern SOCs is exploding with 1,000 core processors now on the horizon. Based on our experience with customers using 16-core and 64-core Epiphany devices, most developers are not equipped to handle the complexity of designing complex algorithms to run on massively parallel processors”, said Andreas Olofsson, CEO of Adapteva. “Silexica has built a technology that scales and I am very excited about their newly added support for the Epiphany architecture. For years, customers have been asking us the question How do we program this thing? With the latest software, Silexica provides the best answer so far!"


"eSOL believes the upgraded SLX Tool Suite will be a significant addition to the multi/manycore software developer toolbox.”, said Masaki Gondo, CTO of eSOL. “Silexica is a strong addition to our partner eco-system, in concert with our strength in the software platform technology, such as eMCOS, the world's first commercial manycore RTOS, and eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition, our best selling multi-core RTOS."


The SLX Tool Suite comprises four unique software development tools that can be licensed either as a bundle or separately:

  • SLX Parallelizer - automated identification of parallelism in sequential legacy C code

  • SLX Mapper – automated software distribution with extensive analysis functionalities

  • SLX Generator – automated native target C code generation

  • SLX Explorer – fast software and hardware design space exploration for multicore platforms


An evaluation license of the new SLX Tool Suite is available. Please contact to request more information or an in-depth demonstration of the tools.

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