Maximilian Odendahl to speak at the Automotive Multi-core Developer Conference

Maximilian Odendahl, to speak at the annual Automotive Multi-core Developer Conference hosted by Infineon Technologies to present our new Automotive features and our exciting roadmap for the next release. Topics include:

  • Automatic identification of parallelism in sequential and parallel (POSIX, AUTOSAR) application software
  • Automatic mapping and scheduling for heterogeneous platforms
  • Design trade-offs considering performance and power


The Automotive Multi-core Developer Conference is taking place from April 25 – 27, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan. Apart from Silexica, local OEM executives from Ford Motor Company and General Motors will discuss multi-core challenges in the automotive field and innovative solutions. Also planned is a series of technical sessions where industry specialists will provide expert advice on new multi-core standards, trends and solutions.

Please contact us prior to the event if you want to set up an appointment with any of our experts (

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